General Questions

1. How can I register for the NCSCL conference – 2019
You can register by online via the Conference Online Submission Portal
2. Where is the Conference being held?
3. How many speakers will be participating in the conference?
4. Will Lunch/Tea/Coffee be provided as a part of the conference?
5. Who is the organiser for NCSCL Conference?
6. How do I reach the conference organizer?
7. How to become a sponsored partner of NCSCL conference?
8. Why should I sponsor NCSCL Conference?
9. In what ways can Fhyzics support our organization
10. What are the list of professional certifications offered by Fhyzics


1. How can I get a refund in case I cancel my booking?
We are advising you to enrolled program, because as the enrolled program certain administrative / program commitments made with venue provide you will not be able to entertain.
2. What is the NCSCL cancellation policy?
3. Can I transfer or share my presence to others?


1. How do I reach NCSCL Conference at Chennai venue?
If you plan to travel by Airway / by Railway, it should roughly takes 2hrs to reach the NCSCL Conference venue.
If you plan to travel by Roadway, It is on the way from Rajeev Gandhi IT Expressway.


1. Can you provide the list of hotels nearby NCSCL Conference at Chennai venue?
Yes, few hotels listed below;
• Intercontinental Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort
• IT South East Residency Pvt LTD